Huawei has already registered names for its flexible device to launch in 2019

This is a difficult time to see in this mobile business, but if there is one thing that is obvious for next year, that's – at least – Samsung and Huawei they are willing to attack the section of compact tools with tools that they have been in & # 39; developed in recent years, and that (whether we're ready or not) we will try to reach sales points in selected markets.

Preparing for that, Huawei has already recorded some of the test names for what your own device is. In fact, the trading names registered with the company are Mate F, Mate Flex, Mate Flexi and Mate Fold, all of which are within the reasoning to include flexible features inside the screen.

It is anticipated that Huawei is launching a mobile device that is; Following the design that allows Google to be a reference at the time of sending her & # 39; Samsung folding protocol that has appeared at its developer's conference a few weeks ago, although a number of resources say that the Huawei device will have an "8" screen, as well as a 5G connection.

It is also said that Huawei has inserted symbols of this device at least – one operator in South Korea and one in Europe.

It is thought that this device is once again within the Mate family, and these tools will be updated in the # 39; Last quarter of the year, it is safe to accept that Huawei will install this device in the second half of 2019.

However, it is also important to look at dates such as CES or – in particular – World Mobile Congress 2019, issues in which Chinese makers could take some of his plans ahead of the public and how consistent his war will begin in a new format that is even change business equity once again

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