Huawei Impact? Japanese telecommunications companies will flag Chinese companies from their 5G networks


The main Japanese telecommunications companies have decided not to use equipment from Chinese companies to develop 5G mobile telecommunications networks, after Tokyo has signed up as a result of security doubts.

Softbank, NTT Docomo and KDDI will abandon Chinese technology to use the new-generation mobile phone infrastructure, and the Rakuten railroad network, which is expected to go – next to the telecommunications department next year, reporting the paper today. Economic Nikkei.

The ban on a Japanese private sector to Chinese companies is based on those excluded from public contracts with the Government, a measure confirmed in the evening before November by Shinzo Abe.

"It is very important that we avoid buying equipment that is going on; Introducing interesting activities, such as stealing or destroying data or blocking the systems, "said Abe in statements to the Japanese media, after the government approves this Monday on a cybersecurity meeting.

Although the Government did not support any company or country in particular, Huawei and ZTE have a great impact on them, two Chinese counterparts had a similar ban in Washington and there were major projects in Japan for the development of 5G networks and other equipment.

Japanese government activity is becoming internationally stressed by Chinese companies due to security holes and the Beijing information link, has been reinforced by a " Argentina has recently applied to the Huawei activity on US demand. .

But Tokyo has been very careful not to avoid his relationship with Beijing, which is rebuilt.

Government spokeswoman Yoshihide Suga said that Japan does not expect to close any company from any country in particular "and said Tokyo" is in line with international rules. "

Japanese Softbank employs Huawei technology in the 4G network; at present and had a collaborative project with this company for 5G, a new connectivity system that will be launched commercially in 2020 in Japan.

NTT Docomo and KDDI are currently not using Chinese devices, although their & # 39; The first company with Huawei has a 5G system in the test stage.

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