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"I had no opportunity to live": a death certificate will reflect the death purpose of the National corridor

From Hospital del del Trabajador they published Claudio Agurto Spencer's death certificate, a 51-year runner who died on Sunday when he was taking part in the 21K of the Santiago Marathon.

The death of the runner, who was a political adviser to the Christian Democrats and to the professor of Santiago and Alberto Hurtado, caused a controversy after being named the first air carrier he attended seven minutes away falling. in Pocuro with Los Leones I didn't have a defibrillator.

The information was later reinforced by the marathon's organization, who showed that Aguhanna had got rid of a health problem after she had a health problem, could not be enforced not to look for signs of electrical rhythm.

From Hospital del Trabajador, which is responsible for the medical care of the marathon, they said "according to the death certificate, he died as a result of the death certificate." tampon heart, high-quality to break the complexity of aortic, pathology of high mortality what it cannot be returned with "defibrillation" ", according to the latest news. t

A medical description

Franco Utili, head of Vespucio's Emergency Service, explained to the media that 'tamponade heart' means “the outcome of the aorta's rupture,” t the heart is bruised by the blood that the vapor is folded, the pericardium, which has limited capacity. "

"With the hair such a thing that the heart could not expand to keep pumping the blood. The main instrument in the heart is the aorta artery (…) and if it breaks, the living corridor had no chance to survive, even in an open heart pane, "he said. T

In this way, he resolved that this situation would help if a drugs detector was detected. “Even though they would have a decision they weren't going to do anythingThat doesn't make any sense, I'd never have been so fast. He's a big deceit, there is nothing to do. In about five to six minutes the person dies, "he explained.

One view of Juan Carlos Venegas – the head of the Cliona Las Lasdes' Coronation Unit – said to be "the defibrillator" I had no part in this case. He was the victim of a sharp picture. When it hit you on the street (…) it is usually fatal, it doesn't allow you to go to a live health center. "

He also explained that if he had a disease with aorta and he had to run the marathon, "the corporate attempt to encourage this was more likely than it could promote the event".

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