"I spoke to Matías Fernández, he told me that he had a great desire to be here": Suárez

Luis Fernando Suárez was again enjoying the young directors and that makes her happy. The youth coach first asked that they play a big part of the room's reward and that's what was done. Another of the orders of Súarez was that they managed to contract the midfielder Matías Fernández and also gave permission to him.

"The request (with Matías Fernández) if it is made clear to me. I asked them if they would take it. During this time, they have been done to do so, not only With this, but with the only thing we could say to many who thought they could leave and I think that's the best thing for me, "explained Antioquia's coach, yesterday. final of youth training in the newsroom at the Adelita de Char headquarters in Sabanilla.

Suarez is encouraged by including Fernandez, who had been in & # 39; talk for several days. "I spoke to Matías Fernández last week. He told me that I wanted to come and want to be here. As you know, he was a companion of Sebastián Viera in Spain , from Bacca, he knows his or her middle or more. He also has some experience of how the team is and how they live here, "they put the counselor.

The coach has been running a & # 39; Milan's first Milan player and thinks he's coming into a good picture, now he is no longer a & n; expects to change as quickly as possible to the town so that it can cause the team to be ill.

"He's getting a competition in Necaxa, not just a start, he's going into the second trip. It's physical, well, there's no problem , with a competition rhythm, so it seems to me that there is no problem to come here. Indeed we must wait to give the usual, suitable for the town, to weather and you need a little patience, "said the DT.

The qualities of Matias Fernández, which have contributed to the good times of playgroup as Luis Díaz and Teófilo Gutiérrez, more coach, believe that they are good people, but it makes it clear that you have to achieve the goals that you can; You need to work as a team and work is good.

"For the youngsters he was a player and to play a final of the Sudamericana Cup to play as a team, not to think so much Are players in good time. We need to work so that this continues to work as a team, this is the only way in which we can think that an internationally competent title can be achieved, "he said.

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