Improve your keyboard reader at your Samsung Galaxy S10!

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Indeed, since its introduction, the new flags have become the fashionable Samsung. Both the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the S10 + – which have looked at the past few days – have all been on the bills. With incredible design, screen and performance, South Koreans aim to be a brand new year.

While there is no doubt that one of the most interesting points along these boundaries is a branch-reader in an ultrasonic screen, it is the first phone-smart in the market to exploit this technology, which should take speed. the accuracy and reliability of your paper into paper. time to open the phone.

However, the keyboard keyboard reader for these tools is not entirely exhaustive and as everything in this life can develop. From the Android Central News port, a series wisdom or counseling but always useful – not only does it better at speeding up the destination, but also not losing out.

How to improve the keyboard reader in Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 +

Don't hurry to organize it for the first time

We just bought our Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 + and it is our first task of opening it from the box and using it. It is normal, but very important to sort it out correctly so that it does not come as a surprise. The loss of time for the finger reader should therefore be established for the first time as crucial. T.

We advise as a result of the technology used in the S10 reader, that we place it on several trips and in various ways, as well as displaying the phone on a flat surface or keeping it in our hands. This way the border will learn your better fingerprint and can be solved more quickly and easily. Short, Give all the information to the keyboard reader, don't be in a hurry and try to catch more of a domain of the branch.

Record your toe several times

The Samsung Galaxy S10 keyboard reader gives us the opportunity to create a number of keyboard formats. This way we can lock the destination by using our hands on our hands. But what we can also do – and it is praised – t The same finger was recorded several times in different profilesin this way the larger registered area and the information is more complete, so the tool will always recognize us.

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Aim for your aim

Another feature of this fingerprint reader is that it is much more sensitive than the ones used to be used, without acknowledging the keyboard if we do not correct it all over the reader. While this is something that will be corrected by use so that it mobilely movesHowever, it is important to recognize that in order to introduce the goal, we need to correctly identify our thumb. Something very basic but equally important to remember.

If it doesn't work … re-record your toe

When something doesn't work properly, it is corrected by reorganizing everything from scratch. If the destination does not respond to our keyboard or we see that it is taking more than opening the account, it is best to go into the settings section, delete our accounts and re-record our toes calmly with patience and effort follow the advice above.

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Pay attention to the screen saver

A high quality device requires equipment at a higher level. Therefore for that reason we have to be careful with the type of screensaver we receive for our modern device. Firstly, the Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 + screen should be prioritized for protection and as we get our second priority, depending on the protector we buy, it can create conflicts with the finger reader located on the screen.

Consequently for this reason it is best to purchase a quality pack and a brand and • purchasers of suspicious protectors who do not even protect the phone.

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