In the video At the time of the war, Matías Fernandez received the youth

At the "cocotazos" point "no" aguayuyo "(as mentioned before making a conversation in Barranquilla), the young players welcomed Matías Fernández to the team. rojiblanco, Saturday morning at the headquarters; Club & Adelita de Char & # 39; in Sabanilla.

His sharkbox members went into a passage to Silein's wheel and started praising him to replace the center's new face over him. Fernandez, who did not realize that his case with him, was warned by the César Gaitán training, move forward quickly and quickly, among his teams on his head, with good heart and enthusiasm, he has reached the goal

In the background, trying to throw the boots, Gabriel Fuentes came to an early stage, who received the congratulations of the & # 39; crazy on her date.

There was one other soft bag, one thing uncomfortable and nothing else. Everything was part of a good environment found in the middle-class 32-year-old park.

The commencement began at 7:30 a.m. with a strong marine area that moves branches of trees, vegetation and everything that appears in the department where the headquarters are. At that time, journalists were allowed to enter, who found the players who had a gathering in the sitting room. There, certainly, Matías started to welcome and meet the members of the staff.

Then, in the company Sebastián Viera, the midfielder went to the second court. As they went, the Uruguayans explained and told things, perhaps everything in terms of governance can be done; club, home and other information that Fernandez does not know.

Including playing the rojiblancos tomorrow at America at Pascual Guerrero stadium (8pm) and that the trip to Cali is Saturday (6pm), the light training, with many recreational tricks, including the game & # 39; bobito & # 39; no & # 39; gallinite As expected, due to its situation in the group again, b & # 39; Matias Fernández is the first to speak to the & # 39; a member.

So, with a bit of stretch and alcohol, he dropped away and got in touch with his new companies, which allowed them to see their joy and happiness.

Then follow the training in the main playground. In one part of the court, the air gamekeepers played, and on the other hand, creating bogs with a moving ball and football in a smaller area. There, Fernandez began to show a number of his attributes: a detailed picture of the aim (several goals were circulated) and the quality of the handling and delivery of the member.

After the customs, he left the field that shattered a number of players and his / her; talk to them. After entering the sitting room, floating and changing, he appeared in the Viera company. They got food and went to the Viera car.

Before entering and sitting, Matías Fernández told the people who were over the props and confirmed that he used a number 18 instead of 14, who used the previous teams and in Chile 's national team. The number 14 remains in the hands of Leonardo Pico.

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