Increased risk from heart attack with red meat? The ghost of the journey And what little pig is it?


What about a diet based on red meat? / Picture:

What about a diet based on red meat? / Picture:

Los Angeles, December 11 – The main products of the protein products of red meat continue to result in a greater risk of severe heart disease, stroke and abstraction, according to clinical study given by Clyne Cleveland in Ohio.

The search found that its red meat consumption Trojan trimethylamine (TMAO) and three high levels of this material are related to the development of arteriosclerosis and heart disease.

The researcher, Stanley Hazen, director of the Center for Intelligence and Human Health at the Cleveland Clinic, aims to examine how it works. The first one to prove the habitat problem is to remove some of the products made from red meat.

According to Hazen, the report provides evidence that dietary changes can be an effective handling strategy to & # 39; reduce TMAO levels and subsequently endanger the risk of heart disease.

Among the research there were 113 participants who had randomly produced meal plans and in order based on red meat, white meat or vegetable diets as a protein store for 25% of daily calories.

The review of food changes was carried out with the support of a team by Ron Krauss, assistant professor Nutrition of the University of California Berkeley.

Heart disease is a major cause of death, both in women and men in the United States, with about 610,000 deaths annually.

This is equivalent to one out of four deaths, in accordance with the Centers for Control and Bad Disease. (EFE)

A local observer said that this new update does not have a big worry among her; Most Cuban users, who are in charge of everyone, due to market-related reasons, are the dangers of going beyond what is being done; throwing red meat.

And already involved in a topic that is often controversial, we will also include a recent publication that has been made recently; addressing another important health-related area.

What do you know about this disease caused by eating a lot of meat?

Red meat / Journal EL PAIS Uruguay

(Photograph: EL PAIS Uruguay newspaper

The meat will build a level of d '; acid uric in the body, and this can make a pain of co-operation

Carnivorous meat is essential in order to have good health, however, eating too much meat, an increase in acid uric, a chemical chemistry can be raised from the human body, and when it is not added properly, it can cause pain and diseases similar to falling

Yes, eating too much meat causes gout, a situation that should be banned with a suitable diet

High levels of acid uric can be & # 39; Create strong crystals stored in the sections, leading to episodes of rare pain and in some cases, other diseases.

This situation is highly skilled as hyperurgery.

And what's in acidic uric? It's a chemical that is in the human body and that's the case; come from most rich foods and drinks spread. The smallest result is made by a & # 39; body naturally.

Meat is a meat if it is carried over, that is, more than two daily services, Promoting increased body weight in the body.

The best thing is that you choose fresh and smaller fat meat and you'll be able to; use less than 350 grams per day. If you exceed this amount, you have more risk to & # 39; Increase the consumption of purines, if you do not change well, it will build the pan in the blood, causing related problems.

An Association for the United States Cancer Survey suggesting that he would not eat more than 400 g of red meat per week.

In addition, to increase the cost of fruit prodigies, the problems are depressing, depressing and depressing.

But not only does we have more red meat, also scissors, fish and seafood. Increase stomach acid in the body.

Why is it bad to collect uric acid?

The problem starts due to & # 39; The habitats can not completely eliminate blood from the blood.

This causes microscopic crystals of uric weight to be created in the sections, causing leap and much pain. Typically, a gout is called here.

Gout attacks are usually very painful and uncomfortable, so the proposal is to limit the consumption of red meat, soup, fish and shellfish.

If this disease is not handled, hard humming deposits can be created in the burns, called aphi. They can cause a very strong cause.

In other cases, dizziness problems can arise, especially kidney stones or blackstones.

So start taking care of what you eat and eat; enjoying a varied piece of meat from time to time.

Oh, and since we are involved in the meat case, what if we also do it? Considering a different case that promotes many

Is it bad to eat pork? What do scientists say?

Cup meat / /

(Picture: /

Well, although it might be very strange according to the beliefs of some people, scientists say that fatteners are better compared to other animals

For a long time, it was considered a pig high quality fat and fat that causes health damage. However, a specialist specializes why this is not completely true.

Medium pork is an important source of it proteinain, Vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

According to María Salud Rubio Lozano, an academic from the Medical Medicine Faculty and Sitematics of the UNAM, her fat is in her; This food is similar or lower than others such as meat, sheep, goats and sheep.

Similarly, this definition for more than 60 years has been developed and selected by a large variety of commercial pig generations to provide low levels of fat.

At this time, the animal that is made in Mexico produces less than 2% of fat on its; Back to beef compared to 5% fat.

The scientist recognizes that there are some mechanic lines, such as the Mexican pelon, which can contain up to 8% of fat-lock intestines.

However, it ensures that they are delegated solely for a & # 39; Preparation of modified products such as ham and bacon.

Why are we scared to eat a pig?

The academic says that meat is much larger in American meat, due to the bad information about it.

Despite what is being & # 39; Believing, science has shown that grasses are better compared to other animals such as cetaceans, lamb, goats and some birds.

This is because it is more unpleasant and does not increase levels cholesterol do not.

Another legend is about a pig, to believe he himself removing diseases such as cysticercosis, but the scientist says that this is not true.

"For this reason, it has to be contaminated with fecal content that includes individual eggs and does not seem to be bought in areas where it is freezing, it is full and coming from TIF routes, "he said.

Another non-well-established idea is banned by pancakes from sick people, children or older adults.

Rubio says that anyone can lose her at no risk because he meets quality standards.

The specialist specialists decide that efforts must be made to stimulate the use of animals and to prevent them from being able to prevent them. believe unprecedented legends.

Other features of whales

1. High quality protocols

The proteins of meat at amino acids are essential for a healthy and strong body.

2. Lysine

The meat carries milk, a material that helps to protect cells against different diseases.

3. Iron

The main source of the heme iron, which is found in the blood and is responsible for the inclusion and introduction of iron from other foods.

4. Minerals

The meat supplies many minerals such as selenium, magnesium, sink, phosphorus and potassium, which help to create and restore muscles.

5. Vitamin B12

It is essential for the scary system and the blood cells, because it encourages the creation of red blood cells.

You know, the next time you want to destroy food with a pig, do not be sorry, but remember that you always do it in a moderate way.

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