International Superstar Soccer | Real names of game players

The Konami company published the list and the previous statements, such as Bebeto and Ricardo Rocha, surprising and grateful.

One of the famous Superstar Soccer International Football Games, which started broadcasting in 1994.

One of the features, beyond his piping graphics and his fascinating stories the players did not have the names of players, because at that time there were no rights in this regard.

But, this Thursday, its company Konami Brazil showed the real names in which they were encouraged to make video games figures. Some of the ideas, such as Bebeto and Ricardo Rocha, reflected themselves in social networks.

"It's very good to know, for so many hours, that Konami was inspired by me to create Allejo, one of the most interesting characters in videos, thank you!" wrote Bebo on Twitter.

"Unfortunately, I was on the list and I encouraged Paco. Is there anyone who has played a lot with me?" said Rocha.

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