Is it true? Savings of hidden facts show the return of Carmen Zabala TV and Scenes


The Mega handhelds, Hidden facts has been winning overlookers, and being one of the most successful productions of the television station.

The production that has been achieved by Camila Hirana, Carlos Diaz, Javiera Díaz de Valdés and Matías Oviedo continues to continue to TV every evening with the powerful and powerful scenes that he puts on the screen.

The drama, which lives in months is crucial, because Leonardo (Carlos Diaz) is forced to avenge Amelia (Javiera Díaz de Valdés) shot on María Luisa (Viviana Rodríguez), and now also Rocío (Camila Hirane).

The bad character is allotted, for the time they put away wrong from what it is; love his great love, Agustina.

But not only does the drama play on the small screen, but through social networks, where it has recently started a recent visit. shows the return of an actress, Carman Zabala, who is the first one to define Agustina.

Remember that its fans have stopped trying to enter the teleseries after leaving the product, and according to this image their wishes should be fulfilled.

In the list shared by the user at @hopelessfrank, we see Zabala and Javiera Díaz de Valdés dressed in white shirts, as patients in a psychic ward.

Many of the production assistants surprised the picture, who could not believe they returned. actress, and began to launch new teories about the future of history, and one of them was that Amelia would have been sent from Agustina; Other stalls that its appearance are part of Leonardo's meaning.

Now, we have to wait until this tour is shown on the screen to understand what it is.





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