Is it worth adding Apple Watch on these holidays?

For many people, especially with some economic capacity, Apple Watch might have an interesting gift, Apple company watch, which is advertised on its website with young people who exercise, playing sports as a basketball or, in a normal situation.

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The apple clock is costed in the United States – a 4-inch version of about 400 dollars and it is clear that a & # 39; company to try to expand the number of customers. In Apple Watch there is a new feature that finds disasters and something more important, heart problems. With a description of the most marketed as "a defensive, part guru" and "designed to improve your health … and powerful to protect it," Apple says. shows how it looks at casual health, a case that is very similar to people.

"It's obvious that the health market is important for Apple," said David Andg Hargreaves, an Apple analysis with KeyBanc Capital Markets. By disabling eases and the app electrocardiogram to & # 39; trying to "sell more things to humans" and to provide health surveillance applications longer than "people who work" to & # 39; look for broader audience.

This watch may be a complete gift for those people at a certain ageLaura Martin, an analyst at Needham, said. "People who have been watching their lives suddenly, if they fall," said Martin and then, "Voila !, A & # 39; Creating a new ramp for a new type of users in Apple's entire system ".

The app that looks after is falling to & # 39; Using the sensors on the clock, which is capable of over 65s when they tell the age device. These sensors will measure consumer movements and their users; Note if the person who holds the watch is in; grow "ineffective". If a drop is found, the watch will be sent to the person receiving it. If the clock is not answered within the first minute of taking the signal out of action, emergency services will be notified where someone may need help. This summary can also be enough to prevent a wrong warning, for example, when the clock fell.

There are many health banners on the market but Apple is responsible for a & # 39; "consumer loyalty" case, which means that people are " Buying the entire ecosystem that Apple praises and not just the clock. In many ways it seems that it is a market strategy but just like it; It can be very helpful to people of old age.

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