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It was a tune of invasion; at BancoEstado and did not give them a warning: National arrest complaints staff

Two workers from the branch of BancoEstado in Linares, they reached the Third Town Garage Court, to give a complaint – against those responsible – for theft, threats and losing.

This was, after November 29, part of it mocking away in the place where they worked, without anyone telling them about the situation, they were sure.

The crackdown included teams of special firefighters (Gope), Carabineros and Linares. Police officers in particular would be responsible for self-insulation, as well as attackers, throwing white messages and Salvador Dalí's shoots, in the style of La Casa de Papel.

Native American Ambrosio Radio
Native American Ambrosio Radio

In addition, according to the complaints, every time they thought it was a real situation, so for this moment they can not return to work due to the psychological trauma that caused them to.

The broad concern, the day after its psychotherapy given by the Center, reported it. cataloging the situation as "extremely".

"I thought it was a real thing. It was very frightening to see so much charabinero and a lot of tension," said Talquino's bank bank newspaper neighbor at that time .

Confirmation of the officers

Claudia Sepulveda, one of the officials that had an impact on the situation of the local environment Maule Al Día.

"They spoke to me, told us everything, we thought of the worst, nobody told us about this drill. I can not overcome the disease and I'm deep in depression, I've still been using a medical license, "said the woman he said that one of the insurgents hit her in the room. head, and threatened her and told her that everything was bad

At the same time, Lorena Tejos, secondly, told the same media as she finally learned the situation on November 29.

"They disturbed us for free, they were adversely affected because people, they put on their heads, I was locked in the dining room, I opened the door open, I heard the screens that searched keys to the house-room, and # 39; shaking, we were going to kill … all badly bad. We did not tell us about this drill, "said Tejos, saying that no-one in the company had given them any explanation so far.

Solicitor and old reporter Maule, Hugo Veloso, which represents staff in the & # 39; court case, describing the same port on "they did not want for half a half hours able to do anything and in a bank," said the insurgent attackers were into the police officer's bank

Draft Carabiners

As a result of the event, the chairman of Carabineros de Linares, Colonel Roberto Machuca, who explained to the media what happened in fact.

The uniform was proven effectively there was an order from the station center center to make simulation, which began co-ordinating with BancoEstado in the town.

"Previous meetings have been held with bank representatives, and in this particular case, commitment to the Head of Operations communicates with staff and bank in advance, which has not been done at this time, "explained the colonel. Machuca

In that line, identify the same uniform, at least, unusual uniformity: from the bank they suggested that they would not appear at the opening hours, which was rejected correctly.

"We said it was not fitting and that it was best done in a timetable outside the work, just like it was done," said an officer; police.

It is expected that the bank will describe the unusual situations that occurred in the Maule department in the next hour.

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