It's a piece of cake in Hacking the Playstation Classic


Kotaku's announcement makes it clear: it is too easy to steal the thing Playstation Classic, the new nostalgia piece that aims to know Sony's first Sony console.

The site asked for a bearer called yifanlu that he explained "in fact there is no security"That does not stop changing its small consultation.

In addition, he added the following:

  • The 20 video games included in the Playstation Classic are in a standard ISO format
  • There are no additional reviews, so that you can replace files or your users back to the other, such as a USB stick

At this time uploaders have loaded USB memory games, including Crash Bandicoot 1 and Pro Skater 2 Tony Hawk, a & # 39; including existing files. They have also been able to do so to add more than 20 video games, they need some improvements to their control process.

Remember that now you have to develop a program called BlemSync who will; Try to match Hakchi, the software that will be used to install the Roms video game in NES or SNES Classics.

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