It's effective to threaten a catrillanca little person

Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick asked an administrative summary for Special Forces officers in La Araucanía, which included the 15-year-old family members who were with Camilo Catrillanca when murdered.

It is alleged that the campaigners, together with other members of the Temucuicui community, were arrested for "public disorder". However, according to the dad's father, Jorge palaces, Carlos Huaquillan, was with his 9 year old son in folklore at the front of Ercilla's police station when the boy threw a stone at a car that & Threw water in the & # 39; place.

They say that the response of the officers is to throw a stream of water at a child and his father threw himself on his / her; car to protect it. As a result, a member of the community was arrested and it was reported that he had been struck inside the police station with the officer Pablo Godoy, who had lost the same police February Carlos Huaquillan, the uncle's uncle, causes a loss in one eye.

In addition, there are others who connect Godoy to & # 39; preserving other young people – one of 12 and two of March 15 in March this year. The teenagers were taken to a vacant place, where they were said to have to go to; gutting compensation threats and received from officers.

Hueiquillán, mother and father of the M.P.C youth. They were arrested by the officers, after arguing because they were not allowed to enter for their family members to be arrested recently. During the arrest, Rosa Palacios Quiñilen said that she was beaten and brought forward with her husband to prove injuries.

The situation caused Lonko Catrillanca to reach Ercilla's police station to see the situation of carers.

At that time, very serious facts are rising, and that is that the young man's evidence of the death of Catrillanca was a long while and was; waiting for his parents' freedom.

As he explained, as long as he was a & # 39; Waiting Officer said: "You're falling, foolish".

In this way, officers broke a claim for the protection of Temuco Appeals Court to support the MPC of the family and young people on 4 December, where it was ordered "to be involved in order strictly in line with the existing constitutional and legal regulations, and subsequently avoided by affecting the fundamental rights of those protected, to especially those who are children and / or young people, "according to their newspaper.

After being released, the family investigates legal actions against the officers.

At the same time, the National Institute of Human Rights stated that he would be involved in law for the abolition of serious breach, disruption and threats that the family and child suffered 15 years old; accompany Camilo Catrillanca during his death.

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