Jani Dueña will complete her & # 39; The favorite year is the humorous letter of a woman in Viña

The actor, recently designated by Time magazine, came to an agreement with the production and will be at the start of the festival. The post will also be held by Argentine Jorge Alis.

For a long time, Alejandra was "Jani" Owner, for a lot, just one voice. Without the forgotten radio program That is that, which took place for four years, and Patana, one of the most famous characters of the children's program 31 minutes. But over the years, her actress and actress were becoming famous and today its face is present almost everywhere: on the radio, in different levels of the country, in Chilevisión – where she has made the program today Pro the reason and science-, on Netflix and even in the last month's Time magazine, was among the top ten comedy exhibitions of the year on the stage, along with plagiaries such as Chris Rock, Hannah Gadsby and Ali Wong.

In order to prove the most successful crowning season and its amazing uncertainty, the 42-year-old actor, one of the local station's promoters, finishing a milestone that did not occupy a funeral that lasted ten years ago: according to known sources Vine 2019 Settlements, the Owner reached the agreement with organizers of the event and in February, he will be at Festival Viña, and this will be the most important live show to date.

So, her actress, who's a describes a comic style that runs between self-esteem and women, one of the few women who have the competition and in particular the humor, the section that will be released today at noon, at a news conference Enjoy a casino in Viña del Mar, which will be the official launch of the event, and where the Mayor Virginia Reginato participates; the Vineyards 2019 animators, María Luisa Godoy and Martín Cárcamo, and the two hosted hospitals, TVN and Channel 13.

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For Dueñas, in any case, the Festival is not completely unidentified and was already on the Monster in 2013, as part of the 31 minute imposition. This year, at the same time, he became the main builder of the event, who contributed through Twitter in his colleague Alison Mandel's "show that two comedians had a" talk about the same thing […] it is a bit later. "Days later, he would explain to La Tercera, which was a complaint to someone in particular, according to his objections to the organization of the office to bring three female actors with similar style habits.

In the same interview, the actor gave a light of what will happen in February. "I'm scared about the level of your present there. But, because of my role today, it is more armored as a woman, I have more confidence than myself as a humorist to myself thrown into a bath like that. Yes, I'm ready to go to Vine, "he said.

Return and first sight

The Argentine Jorge Alis, who was successful at the Festival Viña 2014, won the four prizes that gave up the event with a black actress full of black magic. and their status as Argentinean had to do; living in Chile, which was set up for a comedy standing at Quinta Vergara. Since then, Alis was tested on other occasions to make the festival, and this time he decided to return.

In the episode Felipe Avello, another one who has the first time in front of the Monster, after his successful trip through the Olmué Festival and the last Telethon; Dino Gordillo, historian of a local comedy, with several festivals in the & # 39; group and producer of more traditional misconduct, and Mauricio Palma, a name connected to the platform, known for its appearance in the # 39; True Mentras (Network) program and its character Violent Parra.

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