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Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, is investing millions in the Silein NotCo company

The largest person in the world has just done it millionaire investment in the NotCo na Silein company, the beginning after May Mayo, a vegan march that has affected those who do not; try.

Jeff Bezos, Head of Amazon, a fortune is estimated at US $ 164,000 million and has seen in this first Chilein the option to invest in technology that is changing the way to create food.

The Bezos Expeditions, the Craftory, Kaszek Ventures and IndieBio Investment value of US $ 30 million the first out.

NotCo CEO, Matías Muchnick said Third "Bezos did not care if the beginning of Chile or any part of the world was", but was moved by "a major call to make major changes throughout the world. world. In this case, Solving one of the most important humanitarian challenges: food"

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This is about you first investment in Latin America, which allows the company to bring its products to North America.

New markets

NotCo was founded by the biochemist Pablo Zamora, the doctor of Computer Science Karim Pichara, and commercial engineer, Matias Muchnick.

The success is behind you "Giuseppe", software that makes formulas for flavor and special food appliances, use of vegetable equipment.

Giuseppe is to receive some of the millions. Muchnick said Third yesterday "We'll spend a lot in technology and there version 10.0 of Giuseppe, as well as infrastructure and scientific equipment that will enhance our strategies ".

There will be another important part Open markets in Mexico and the United States at the end of 2019.

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For now, the company is preparing to launch it Gun Milk, Gun Yogurt and Gun Chaise

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