This Monday, the Irish priest John O'Reilly he performs his four year sentence of jail by The sexual abuse of the small face, student School of summit, where religion was a chaplain.

The ball Legionaries of Christ, spent time convicted by the benefit of his probation, now he has 72 hours to leave Chile according to the order to come from Interior Ministry in 2015.

ANSWER: The Church will open to await John O'Reilly for sexual abuse against being small

In May 2017 High Court refused to rescue the defensive reserves that he has given to destroy the country, so the priest should leave national land within the next few days.

Gu O Reilly, too, because of his conviction for abuse, In 2015 the nationality was also withdrawn by grace that he was given in 2008 after staying in the country since 1984.

ANSWER: The High Court rejects a defense application and its; authorizing O & Reilly's conviction

"His nationality by his profession was recalled at the time of this conviction, and that is why there are no reasons for living in the country"he said José Ignacio Escobar, lawyer of victims of religion, who also ensured that evidence of the case was expressed to change his testimonial.

"In any case, in any case, it was told that one of the eyebeds were informed to break one of the young people in the southern part of the country and an economic tender to amend his statement ", he told him Cooperative Radio.

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