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Johnny Herrera defended himself against the U-bar after incidents: "They are all doing harm to us" | Football

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The UNO group | Mario Dávila

Universidad de Chile has created a similar distinction to the Union La Calera for the seventh anniversary of the National Championship of Scotland, and the blue team has been out of control after breaking the competition.

With only a possible 15 points, the U is continuing in false spaces and is only going over the course of Cobresal. Indeed, this doesn't satisfy the fans that still appear in the middle of the games.

This happened before the Caleranos. At 69 minutes, when the Blues won the 1-0, the game later came from the southern part of the National Stop they threw fireworks, sound bombs and flames. After the resumption of the game, the sculpture came.

This new publication released their boxes to Johnny Herrera, archer of the laity, which stated that "we had been in many a time at the competitive bow (…) and everything came from our bar. It's not easy to understand, I don't know what the reason is. He put me on. As well as their current claim I don't know who I am?. We did not understand why, we thought that problems had already occurred. "

In proof that La Tercera had assembled, the warden said in Anthem that they had made a mark, we were all together, we were working with them, we thought we were in the same way, trying to take this forward. t Now, maybe more serious sanctions might be imposed t.

“The only thing that can give us that presentation is harm. It seems they won't allow us to play with the public and all of us who lose it. They are important to us when it comes to supporting and providing many games. The most likely thing we are not counting on, is' Herrera added.

Eventually, the soldier examined the equivalence of the "cementeros" and looked forward to his next challenge, before the Catholic University, saying "I think we were doing a good game." Sorry for the output and for what happened, but we managed to get this.

“Against Catholicism it's good enough, it can be a turning point for us and it can make an important difference. We're going to accept it as a big challenge, it's a classic, we're going to look for it, we're going to play the same way. This is the way to get on and we are going to fight, we are the U, the biggest crew in this country.

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