Joker could reach Super Smash Bros. Ultimate after expectation

The Joker appears Person 5 as its first guest character Ultimate Super Smash Bros. It was a big surprise to the community, this is the first time that the license will have reached the stage of a Nintendo desktop desktop. And although the company was mentioned that the DLC would be coming in April, it could be that a change in a trailer would appear against it.

Twitter user @SomeKidNick watched a live stream from Nintendo and realized that it was a battle-car t Ultimate Super Smash Bros. it does not refer to April as the date for the first DLC (as previously mentioned) and now there is only "Arcercándose …":

This was read earlier, "Approaching: April":

This change means that the company would strive to prepare a trailer. And what does this mean? There are 2 big theories: the first one is that Nintendo had a problem developing his character, so there will be a delay on the discharge day and Joker will not be released in April. And the second thing that Nintendo had put that part of the text away to avoid job loss, because if someone was seeing the trailer in April it wouldn't be necessary to say that the content would come in the same month.

To date, these theories are fully estimated, because no official publications have been made, at present we do not know what Joker will be in the short-term. We hope it is not a delay.

In associated news, we are reminded that StudioMDHR wants Cuphead and Mugman to be added and that Mexican MkLeo has also been crowned custodian of the Ultimate Smash Collection.

Ultimate Super Smash Bros. It's available for Nintendo Switch only. Click here to find out more.

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