Juanes for Bosé ideas against Bachelet: I think the reason was straight

Singer Colombia Juanes in Chile to sing on this Sunday at Lollapalooza Festival and in that context, in a meeting with the media, the controversial opinions of Miguel Bosé were discussed with former President and High Commissioner for Human Rights DA, Michelle Bachelet.

“Miguel (Bosé) is a big friend, I love it, it's a very special character and I think that perhaps the peat he said said the way he said, but I'm thinking what he said, t it feels legitimate, so that he could move the file to make Bachelet more interested in Venezuela's topic., he said.

Juanes, who attended the concert in Colombia to support Venezuelans, said “the reason why we were here was very special, for the listeners were a little bit strange because people were to happy, but at the same time as weight and relief, mixing joy with sadness ".

"The world is too shared"

About the Lollapalooza festival, Juanes found it is “very important to me because I believe the world is too fragmented, there are many different things and I think music, art is just about 40; We have to tie in and it is clear that the fèisean are, therefore, to have diversity, myself as a musician, I feel I have a little bit now: I have a wee rock, a little of the rhymes t This is a bit of a pop, so I'm pleased to be here and the doors will open for all Latin artists as well. "

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