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Know the most common diseases in spring

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KNOWLEDGE.- We know that you still draw the cold and winter winters, but you still don't sing as you might still be suffering from some diseases in spring.

Spring is the most beautiful season of the year. But at the same time, some diseases have to be treated with caution. For example, hens are a serious epidemic caused by varicella-zoster virus, a type of infection that most commonly occurs in winter and early spring.

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Another example of spring asthenia is a real problem at the moment that does not require treatment. Among the different features it includes muscle pain, anxiety, a feeling of enduring tiredness, weight loss, fever or changes in the rhythm of the stomach. They are all out of sight when days passed.

Here we display the most common settings:

  1. Skin disease due to bacteria and fungi, by washing or bathing in contaminated water.
  2. Pharyngitis or rhinitis resulting from allergies or pollen, grazing, bark, and dairy or honey products.
  3. Bronchial asthma or allergic bronchitis is elevated by the degree of pollen or dust.
  4. Gastrointestinal diseases, such as dysenty due to shigella, salmonella and sclerosis, polluted food or washing hands.
  5. Consuming contaminated fruit can lead to cases of viral hepatitis.
  6. Heat and heat in children and people over 50 years of age.
  7. It increases the risk of cholera or amoebiasis by eating a cooked or boiled food, from the sea or fresh water contaminated with feces.
  8. Increase parasitic disease by aparopods such as lice, lice, fleas, beds, and so on.
  9. Different joints and / or skin pains due to trauma, passing over sunny, cuts and breakages or sporrans.

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