La Calera was tied to Chapecoense in his first prize in the Sudamericana Cup

Union La Calera scores target for Chapecoense against Brazil in her first international, & # 39; play 2019 South American Cup. The game at the new stadium Nicolás Chahuán Nazar was very good and the citizens were deserving of something else.

Set of Francisco Meneghini He confirmed his strength before the Brazilian team who had come to make his business in the & fifth section: find a let me explain at home in the Arena Condá de Chapecó. And so it was, because visitors did not attack it and they were restricted to protect their zero in their arc, with the text of the syntactic field in the circulation of a caleran.

Despite this, there was not much game for crest manufacturers and they showed more football than football, This is the main reason why the game ended without goals in the first international night of Calera's history.

Calera The first international team in the history of Laión La Calera / Photosport

Meneghini added all the new figures on the range: Augusto Batalla, Christian Vilches, Matías Laba, Eugenio Isnaldo, Marcelo Larrondo and Walter Bou, which the force made before the Chapecoense order. Some of Larrondo were clear, but they did not hit Brazil's visit.

An historic night for Calera, who leaves at the end with a bitter taste of a homeless pull. Although the product is not so bad, since tariffs with Brazilian land targets can move to the second tour, which would even be more spectacular for its irritable collapse box.

It's the next morning Tuesday 19 February at the Condá de Chapecó Arena, where Meneghini is going to go to; the evening attack.

Relive the draw of La Calera against Chapecoense

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