Larger than a company, a symbol of China's political-economic model

Any action that compromises with a Chinese analogue needs to know that the family word is important to build confidence. It is part of their culture. That is why the financial leader of Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, fired away from his father, founder of his company, but also the Chinese government, This company is considered almost as part of the family family on the technological and economic success of the Asian country, compared to others such as Lenovo, ZTE, Alibaba Group, Tencent and even Baidu.

It is essential to understand its & # 39; This relationship between a political system comes from communism and a commercial expansion of economics, an economically successful test, Creating a series of relationships of trust between the public and business sectors.

So for the Chinese government, the arrest is broken down in the back, days of getting a commercial truce with the US. Indeed, that is why the worst of all markets in the world, which includes the same Chilean (see related notes): the uncertainty before this confidence starts between the two countries, just when a comparative peace was achieved within a & # 39; commercial war.

And to make it harder, the demand for captivity was made by US administration.

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China's history of Huawei's support is explained by history. He was born in the late 80's with a first capital of US $ 3,500 (from that time), just before dotcom North America. But he did not appear as a content company or service on the internet.

Very different. Yes heart It is essential to provide telecommunications to work. That is, to make PBXs to tie different points. The main clients of telecommunications companies are.

Having already entered the 90s, the same route continued to support the technology of the promising network (internet) network, which gave us a " The first grade at his / her nursery class is high. Huawei's equipment and rear was to do it, that is why, in 1996 he decided to leave the borders and in 1997 he launched goods for connecting wireless networks without GSM, CDMA and UMTS.

In 2000, when the world was shaking from the misleading problem of the "millennium bug" (Y2K), the problems started with the United States. This country said that Huawei had introduced a telecommunications system in Iraq to look at the UK's sanctions. Then, the Chinese government refused it, to support the local company. The US praised.

It was the beginning of a sick relationship; , which would not take ten years later to millions of North American and Western American users who kept smart phones in mind, wanting to achieve and disable them. ; price.

And the 18 years later, he would have been revived by a new complaint from the government of Donald Trump suspecting that a Chinese company would now be able to bankrupt foreign law enforcement in another Middle East country: Iran .

But he also has problems with other technological giants, especially due to the reproduction of materials and allowing others to invest in R & D, and then provide cheaper technology offers.

In 2003, Cisco sued Huawei Technologies and its subsidiary companies Huawei America Inc. and FutureWei Technologies Inc. want to make an illegal copy of intellectual property to & # 39; this company in California.

And despite the Chinese company's relationship with IBM, Siemens or Symantec and other big companies, it has been in the scenes of technological giants who are urgent in intellectual property.

Today, Huawei is the largest telecommunications network device in the world and largest largest TV player, with an income of about $ 92 billion last year.

Unlike other Chinese technological companies, it is a major part of the overseas business and is a market leader in many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. In other words, there is a real symbol of the political-commercial mix of a Chinese model.

Although many in the western world have ensured that the apple has been growing, since Huawei was introduced into a smartphone world after 2010, users have seen in Their teams become more pragmatic and better for internet deception and not worry about the strikes to the machine.

One of the best things on Apple and Samsung, but in a new and young brand. On the other hand, Huawei has rarely set up a marketing strategy in the history of advertising.

At the end of August this year, Huawei achieved one of his most important goals. Make Apple better in selling global smartphones, and # 39; coming second after Samsung.

The Chinese producer bought 54 million telephones this season, 40% more than the same period of 2017, according to analyzes by IDC, Canalys and ISS Markit. Very successful in the Chinese Public Republic development model. Heir to the "Open Door" policy of the east giant.

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