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leisure personality at the 6-year-old Perla Glamorama daughter

Author: C. Z. / April 8, 2019

"Perla Ilich fell out of style," said Michelle Morales, the oldest gypsy girl – who lives in her third third – in the presentation she presented on the Viva La Pipol program.

The 6-year-old arrived in Chilevisión with her parents Perla and Nino Morales. He then showed he was upset and personality to steal the cameras and who was in the program panel.

Its reputation is growing. A couple of days ago, Michela created Instagram @ michelle_morales84 itself, which has over 24,000 followers with just eight publications.

In Viva La Pipol characterized his entire personality in a lively conversation with animators from the place: t

Michelle Morales: "I want her to be a woman (her new little brother), for that woman can only play with me" t

Jean Philippe Cretton: "You are happy because a little brother is coming"

Michelle: "A woman"

Cretton: "A woman. And if it is a man, what will we do?"

Michelle: "I'm dying …"

Click on the seat.

Felipe Vidal: "A little drastic, but good …"

Nino Morales: "I mean, I had a bad time with your brother" t

Michelle: "Yes, I have a bad time, because it draws my hair, it takes away my toys, it takes away my mobile, it takes me away. It even takes me away. T my iPad "

Videas: "It doesn't connect with awareness"

Pearl: Is heavy. Mati heavy t

Cretton: "It's made up of youtuber"

Moraltan: "He did Instagram about 10 days ago"

Pearl: "No, three days"

Moraltan: "And he has around 25,000 followers. He is always with the phone, recording, videos"

Videas: "Well, you have been working with her to a problem that she had no personality, say us … (laughing)"

Pamela Díaz: "But was it always so?"

Pearl: "As a girl from year to year"

Michelle: “I get up at 8 am, I'm picking up the phone and I look and saying, sort of fans … I look like mom! Lero, lero! ""

Pearl: "He tells me that I have gone out of style"

Michelle: "Pearl Gray went out of style (everyone's laughed)"

Pearl: "Now she is the next successful runner"

Diaz: "Are you keen on TV"

Michelle: "I like it"

Diaz: "And what would you like to do when you grow up?"

Michelle: "Actor"

Diaz: "You must be an actor. No, Gabi?"

Gabi Hernández: "Yes, conjecture, compassion"

Diaz: "Would you put her work in soap opera?"

Pearl: "Obviously"

Moraltan: "But without a kiss …" – I'm looking at the VIDEO.

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