If the cameras have three and four lenses – we have seen in smartphones such as those of Huawei or Samsung – like many, surely the new LG patent will provide you the proportions that they are in them. According to a new patent recorded by a South Cornish manufacturer in the United States, the company remembers a phone that would contain the back of the number that was not a # 39; including six sixteen cameras.

We have repeatedly discussed the intensification of the race to capture as much lens as possible and can be done in smartphones so that they are more appealing to audiences than many times Look in the photo section to make the biggest difference possible to choose between one destination and another. In this context, we have seen in the last few months some of the sounds and dolphins that are targeting Nokia's phone with five lenses in the text; his back, and so send a man to her; promised by Samsung with Galaxy A9.

However, at least, between fifteen and six, there is a good section. Due to the fact that even more is not always better – see Pixel 3 with its unique back lens – the options that such a share could give LG much wider than Those who were in the competition. Some, for the fortune of our knowledge for information, are set out in the displayed pattern.

Expanding its purpose

Although it is still a painter and there is nothing to be determined about the future plans of its company to make a device with these features (the LG V40 is a five-lens between the back and the first), Some of the aims that he would try to comply with these six lenses are related to the It also gives images in three dimensions and the structure of elements, how you will change your situation as part of a picture topics. Developing existing systems as the richness of the data obtained by using; link different images from the same perspective to one.

The problem being expected is not resolved by its & # 39; phone, how LG is defined, only in terms of "to provide mobile phone destination and control mode for the database, whereby a mobile image data user can who want to use a variety of pictures that are available through camera is given by a variety of lenses ".

Image: LetsGoDigital.

Case if the company used a new camera model with a square resolution of 4×4 lens there may be some relief to disrupt him. LG also describes his & # 39; Software that would again include the face of this phone camera, which would be consistent with the complexity of many lenses and that it would have additional arrangements to make more action .

A short-term partnership, which would be a means a new jump in planning issues for smartphones. We do not seem to see a destination with these features, but we can begin to value the details of the technologies associated with it in the next LG boundaries.

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