Light Heavy Extremely, Piñera gave a minute to TV to respond to an applicant who said he did not stay in an hostel "because I respect"

One of the questions at the President Sebastián Piñera during his time in Llegó Tu Hora without a while; parliamentary travel expenses, where he wanted to cut that budget. Especially after being named not only In 2018 this concept was spent over $ 944 million.

At that time, and before the consultation by Gonzalo Ramírez, the President took the opportunity to respond the controversial accounts of DC Weld Mario Venegas, which is a day back to protect every day that parliamentarians receive.

At that time, he said they have the daily amount of money – of 78,000 pesos, as he said – it does not seem to be too much surprise me. Fairy hotel worth: 56, 58,000 pesos. I can not stay at the Sheraton. Get out for a normal thing. I'm a job I'm fond of not going to hostel"

Before his words, Piñera indicated that reducing the amounts because "sometimes they cost every day and also cost the accommodation and the hotel". Along with that, he said "I know millions of Silens who live in a hostel and do not lose their honor."

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