Lollapalooza Chile 2019, day 3: follow a minute to the minute

Sam Smith, Arctic Monkeys and Tiësto will take over the last day of the music festival taking place in Higgins Park.

This Sunday is the last day of Lollapalooza Chile 2019, which starts with Adelaida on the Banco de Chile stage and ends with Arctic Monkeys, which ends at the exhibition at 23:30. .

Lollapalooza Chile, through his official YouTube account, published the second day's episode, featuring a large number of invited artists and even a performance on the Twenty One Pilots exhibition.

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In addition, on the Twitter the results produced the first production of Américo and Paloma Mami, both of which were held at Lotus Saturday level.

Adelaida oversaw a fire on this Sunday, in a reception which began at 12:30 at the Banco de Chile stage.

There the Valparaiso tribe of red Fender instruments and white white enthusiasts with bogner and Mesa Boogie collectors, armed with a spell of power at the start of the day.

The political issue had a lot to know in the Fiskales Ad-Hok exhibition, which had an argument to support the Mapuche people. In addition, as he explained “My corpse”, they overtook graphs sent by President Sebastián Piñera and the Chilean figures, such as Jaime Guzmán, Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe and José Antonio. Kast, and Augusto Pinochet and Lucía Hiriart.

Some time later José Antonio Kast described the sound of the Chilean band as saying “this is a true face of shelter: those on the stage.” T

One of their splendid performances is Caramelos de Cianuro. Venezuelan's band had a very good band of associates, who with their large display of banners were on display.

"Long live free Venezuela, a long-term living democracy," said Asier Cazalis, a group singer.

Parallel to the Venezuelans, the Banco de Chile of the Uruguayan of La vela srca. Here is the filter item to the list of songs, played.

During the afternoon, VTR and Lotus -producer of Lollapalooza Chile 2019 reaffirmed that distribution rights at the Arctic Monkeys, Rosalía, Gepe, Juanes and Sam Smith displays, will also be visible from the site. of the pay distribution zones 101, 102, 701 HD and 702 HD.

At 3:00 p.m. Gepe took to the stage, in an exhibition currently in the musician's capacity as a singer and drummer, backed up by a dance group as usual.

The proposal for Margot Loyola was also part of the exhibition, starting with "Cacharpaya" (topic General People).

Then the singer continued to play more instruments, such as güiro and acoustic guitar, the last game "Invierno", a song he played with Belén Mena, one of the last few Margot Loyola appearances. Another man who was also on the stage is Gianluca.

Shortly before 4:30 we began a new edition of Conversations of Worship, where we reviewed all the revisions of the last day of Lollapalooza Chile 2019, below.

Staying from Park Higgins | Follow the information on the last day of Lollapalooza 2019. Presented by ENGIE.

Posted by Cult on Sunday, March 31, 2019

The program featured us with La vela puerca, who reviewed the history and how it reached the music festival that takes place in Higgins Park.

Sinergia who will be staged on the Kidzapalooza stage was also with us. They then reviewed their unique exhibition, which was "their Gamer Cup cup" and, in the words of singer Rodrigo Osorio (a.k.a. Don Rorro) "it is a sort of music."

Osorio himself had words for the urban music performances that took place in Lollapalooza Chile 2019, where the singer emphasized "Paloma Mami has crossed the stage".

After the band was born in Conchant, Venezuelans Caramelos de Cianuro analyzed their exhibits and passed by they looked at the situation in their country, telling with Juan Guaidó "window and fairness". Venezuelans, what we want to vote and vote as a real and proper president, that's why we're fighting every Venezuelans, 99%, "they said. T .

Gepe was our last guest on our program, worthwhile, such as Don Rorro, who had appeared on Gianluca from the new rubbish that appeared at Gianluca from the new rubbish that went with him on the day. T Sunday in the VTR.

Later, at the VTR Stage, at 17:00, the exhibition began with the Juanes Colombbia, who invited Sada Stereo to Charly Alberti to play "Cuando pasar el temblor".

The musician's classical music was also part of his work. One of the biggest people in Park O 'Higgins was "God asked me".

Another of the shows was Foals. The band, who broke into the Bhano de Chile stage, played it "Mountain at my gates", from the album t What happened the first day, in a different set from the one shown in Lollapalooza Argentina 2019 and that showed Yannis Philippakis, a singer, coming down from the stage for interacting with the audience.

Rosalía was one of the numbers of urban music which counts many of the population. The Spanish woman had a slight revelation with some of the clothes dressed in lilac with a white dance body. The same artist was always laughing at the response of the audience. “It is a great honor for us all to come and play, from as far away as here. It is amazing to be able to introduce this exhibition, "he said through his number.

Barely a different number within the art exhibitions The Battle of Roosters (started at 19:45 in the Town Green with Engie Level), which was operated in a double-mode. There the historic Aczino (Mexico) and Dtoke (Argentina) were opposite Pepegrillo and Elemental (Chile).

Lead director Sunday, Arctic Monkeys, Park Higgins, created a huge number of people running from other areas to view it.

The band started with a reverse red display, which broke with the drum of a drum drum which took the step "Do I want to be informed?" Alex Turner appeared in costume and spectacles.

The British team show, which was the last one to close Lollapalooza Chile 2019, culminated in a fireworks display.

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