Looking forward to 2022, an export will & # 39; grow 83% in Argentina

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The increase in mobile devices that moves to & # 39; market is one of the fastest growing countries in mobile trading over the next four years

An e-commerce market in Argentina will increase 83% between 2018 and 2022 to reach the value of US $ 19.2 billion, according to new data from Worldpay Inc., a global company in a technology technology.

In addition, the country is one of the markets that will experience the fastest moving, mobile growth and an annual rate of 26 per cent. The local market is made up of 44.7 million users, with 81 per cent access to the internet at this time.

In the 2018 International Pay Report, Worldpay identified that the credit cards were the most comprehensive online method in 2018, accounting for 26.7 per cent of market items. They are followed by electronic bulbs (22 per cent), bank transfer (14 per cent), debt cards (10 per cent) and money on delivery (8 per cent).

However, the gap between credit cards and electronic poles can be closed in connection with Argentine consumer online pay behaviors. Consumers wishing to pay in installments prefer and electronic poles offer credit cards.

It is anticipated that the electronic poles will be the most attractive online payment from next year, They expect them to; representing 22 per cent of the market in 2019, grow at the same level. In this situation, banks, MercadoPago and Rapipago are shown as the main other pay methods.

The Worldpay report analyzed the perspective of physical sales point, and found that it was money (43.9%); in the most respected paid way, and then a credit (33 per cent). It is expected that credit cards will be higher than money as the most attractive start-up method in 2019, representing 37.7 per cent of the retail market (vs. 36.6 per cent in cash).

At the same time, Electronic packs also become more susceptible to places. At present, the use of electronic labels represents 3.9 per cent of sales in stores and is being used; It is estimated that it will grow at CAGR's 51% level, to buy 11.1% of purchases at sales points for 2022

"All Latin America represents a dynamic market that offers a situation of change and opportunity for payments. General retail sales and electronic trading growth are particularly higher than the level of 2. % of growth for the economy of the area. The research aims to strengthen strong international electronic exchange in Latin America, accounting for more than 61 billion dollars in the operational value of 2018 to Over 94 billion dollars in 2022, "said Juan D 'Antiochia, General Manager for Latin American in Worldpay.

"Argentina is ahead of a trading in Latin America and continues to offer the most attractive opportunities in the sector. There is a growing level of young and educational users on the internet and the highest number of users of mobile phones in the department that explain the 16% increase in the local growth rate of local electricity, "he said.

The Worldpay report, which provides information on the payment methods industry in 36 countries, shows a complex and diverse picture all over the world. Other payment methods are increasing to meet the needs of digital users, led by electronic poles and bank transfer. Although the management is long to come to an end, money is still the main payment method at the time of sale. This situation will open the doors to your businesses to sort out the user by clicking on it. offer the right mix of payment options.

It is expected that the export increase will be more than $ 4.6 trillion worldwide around 2022. The way people do is also changing: there is another option in credit cards and debts now; including more than half of the export sales numbers and the mobile phone is going to sell a desk in 2023. The survey received at least 140 payrolls line used today.

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