Maraiche "saves" the Christmas house in La Florida

The house was full of Christmas lights from the La Florida community, which received objections from its neighbors and as a result he would have to stop the show, He was supported by the seaman who ensured that there was security in the place.

It was known here Friday, when the business was Juana Palominos He explained that his neighbors said that the famous decoration attracted people's people, rubbish and the way that could be a crime to the community.

As a result, the Florida Florida sailor, Rodolfo Carter – who lives in four houses in the place – regrets the truth and doing it; manage them to help people to visit the place. "We can not finish one of the few outstanding traditions in Christmas. You must also defend a neighbor, "said Carter. MUN

The authority stated papal fences so as not to block neighboring vehicle access, monitor Citizen Security, help from Customs officers to control mobility and street vendors.

The famous homeowner was amazed by Carter's help and promised the decoration is ready on Monday so that neighbors can attend the show.

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