María Elena Swett and her professional future: "I do not know I'm going back to television". TV and Scenes


One actress was one of the faces that did not endanger a new TVN threat, although he was said to have been part of the modernization of the state station drama range, as a leading person -suff in a non-compressed sitcom.

After being blinked, Swett left the last station and so it seems that her professional priorities have changed, until he left the business she saw growing as an actor and never stopped. "I was employed since the age of 22 for the next character I did not know what I was going to do now, I'm 39. The only time I was out of the teaspoon for my address before and after birth, "he said in an interview with LUN.

And after being featured in representations such as Machos, Bruges and Papi Ricky, Swett became one of their favorite faces for the drama areas, which she loved her for many years, but with the fear of her & her; live on TVN He has thought about what he really wants.

"I do not know if I'm going back to TV, this time I want to decide what I want to do", details of the actress, who is> live without a channel, despite being & # 39; Provided detailed information before she realized that she had disappeared from the station at Bellavista 0990.

Although she does not know whether she is sure to look for other directions away from his performance, he is sure to be able to do so; leaving a number of widows and women with her uncertain retirement from the small screen, and more information is not known.

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