Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is a "positive strength" despite scandals by using data. Technology

Mark Zuckerberg He said Monday he's seeing Facebook as a force that is largely "positive" for society, Despite the scandals that divide the social network that is in a position; serving 15 years.

Although his company has a & # 39; Assaulting criticism of allegations, information, abuse and other bad social behavior, Zuckerberg said that the "negative effects" of social networks and the internet would be a "too much mistake" error.

Facebook co-founder and CEO said he was experiencing significant social changes "because networks of people connected through the internet are replacing traditional centers and regeneration centers, from governments to companies and media. "

"Although any fast social change creates uncertainty, I believe that we see what people get more power and movements are for one of them Society shaping to be more open and over time over time, " He argued in a post on his Facebook page.

He said that his company and other social networks have changed as people interact with their communities and centers.

"I never forget what, just after launching News, we saw millions of people casting terrorism in Colombia. We saw communities that came together to raise money altogether, " write.

He said: "If the last 15 years of those who were building these new networks and start to see their effects, the next 15 years of people Using the power to revitalize society in ways that can be very positive in the coming decades. "

Facebook has had a success without ever before bringing together over 2.3 billion people around the world They use the network actively to share information, obtain information and connect with others.

Despite the wave of scandals, her & her; profit company of 22,000 million dollars in 2018.

Zuckerberg has acknowledged that Facebook needs to do more to reassure confidence and to give intelligence and abuse to light, and on Monday, he repeatedly promised that he would "cost more" on security . "

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