Martinez is going to have an impact that will bring him closer to the director

With its choices to be a positive date for the main competitive sectors, Grand Prix Pichilemu will be launched today, according to the seventh date of the 2011 RallyMobil Football.

There will be 13 special tests in the event that will be important to the R5 leader Pedro Heller (Ford Fiesta), which brings 110 points closely with Jorge Martínez (Peugeot 208), with 96 and his brother Alberto Heller (Ford Fiesta), which is a total of 92 units and his / her; come with the agreement to be crowned in the WRC2 Division of the Rally World of Australia Championship.

In the case of his "Pheinnquista" case, up to "Capital of Surf" in the Department of Higgins with the intention to allow the 14 points to pass which will give a speed from the head of his department and, as long as ; as possible, a revision of the first day of the last date in Rio Bueno, where he has shown himself from the beginning to the end.

Focusing on the goal

"As long as there are choices to combine broadcasting, we do it. We are aware that if we want to obtain the title, we need to win what is left and we try in Pichilemu ", which is said in the preview of Jorge Martínez, the second date, that 39 still have to play.

The Peugeot Chile-Copec Football Team pilot with Joker knows that the work in the Department of Higgins is not easy, and that is why he is aiming for an invasive race on Pichilemu routes. "Level is very high, everybody is doing very good times. We have to leave as soon as possible to make mistakes, to try to get every point of the date, "he said.

"This is a very fast day, with all the details you can see describing. The road map is very important and we will put a very good situation of the Peugeot, as usual", finally fine Martinez.

R3 is defined as a family In the R3 section, its competition is still close and the Pichilemu family date is essential for the title that is in place; appears, because of how well Samuel and Vicente Israel (Citroën DS3) brothers have appeared in Rio Bueno GP – Union, living with 1-2 of the date .

As a result, the competition table was much harder than ever before, with Samuel Israel as a 106-point leader, achieved by Rosselot's teammate – Mitsubishi, Emilio Rosselot (Citroën DS3) to just three units from together, and very close to Vicente Israel, which still includes clear opportunities with 100 points.

There is a list, the other is virtually different as a result of the R2 division, and after being uncertain leaders in the war and date in 2018, Martin Scuncio and Javiera Román came (Peugeot 208) became the camps after Dr. Río Bueno-La Union finished.

For example, which goes down in history, too, after Romance became the first woman to win a national national camp.

Jorge Arévalo (Honda) is the ultimate effort, which is still a strong lead of the N3 with 114 points, a step away from being the last monarch in the 2016 disappeared series . Later in, in. Second, Carlos Soto (Suzuki) with 75 units.

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