Master La Florida claims allegations of & # 39; 78 and his & # 39; rewarding them in march – National

© Group One The Wardens of Florida honors co-writers of 78 and 78; give them a prize in the march

Rodolfo Carter emphasized the importance of his / her public; What is this milestone? Tvn


"The people who forget their history on their conviction to again. Chilean is much larger than a banner, the true heroes of the warriors are anonymous. The person who is frightened is the fear of fear Stand up and going on. That's your own, our heroes. "

With these words, the Florida Florida seaman, Rodolfo Carter, Honor this Sunday afternoon more than one thousand unwritten conflicts of 1978 Sile and Argentina were on the edge of war for the Picton, Lennox and Nueva Islands, pretty nice. So, the former soldiers came to his & her; The company is part of the recognition and decoration of the general leader, who gave, before your public opinion, the importance of his / her; This milestone, and if translated by Pope John Pablo II's intervention, has not affected Chilean.

"Chile is a great family, you can not make a mistake without paying attention to our heroes," said the sailor when asked about a & # 39; use to & # 39; This town and that no politician had been decorating the soldiers there like this.

The event was counted with the three branches of the Armed Forces, as well as Carabineros and Fireman.


"The idea is that those heroes who have forgotten and lived in the re-telling of public attitudes for their confidence and confidence and, at the same time, have more than 17 million Colonists on always remembered, "said Carter.

"I had a very difficult calendar. One is moved and rejoiced as Professor Carter has been causing the incident in 1978. We have demolished doors and did not no one was identified to identify us, "said Arturo Barra, from Tircahuano, at the age of 18 Marine Corps in the southernmost part of the country.

This first march and only in honor of the elders of & # 78; was set up in celebrating the 119th anniversary of the commune of Florida, a milestone that the town was in. Trying to celebrate this exciting episode through a guided tour by the main musicians themselves in 1978. The tour began in the paradero legs of Paradero 14 of La Florida and extended through the streets and spectacular trails of area.



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