Matias Firpo, the main attack at Boca bus: "I can not control myself" | Sport

After 48 hours in jail and be released on Thursday, Matias Firpo, River Plate supporter focused is a key responsibility of the stoning to Boca Juniors bus, talk to the media.

Before the TN cameras, he said he was sorry about what happened. "I was away with friends, with the family, it was a moment that I can not control over being disturbed, I know I was wrong, I do not Doing this and it's hard to have gone through this."he said.

In that line, he said: "Some of the weaknesses were there; of all, of the business, of all the wrong ones that I did"

Eventually, Firpo was made on the events that took place on November 24th. "I've ever been going to Quinteros, the police were on the street and many people gathered there because they would not let it go. We did not always think they were; going to make the sons go around because there were many people and when the bus came, it was a break, the police pushed the people back and saw them, "he closed.

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