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Migraine already has a spout

Teva Pharmaceutical of Israel, the world's largest general drugmaker, announced that the European Commission had allowed Ajovy to be exchanged, the Teva tool for treating beard, reciting Xinhua newsgroup.

a & # 39; A migraine is the most common brain condition It affects more than 50 million people in Europe and a billion people all over the world.

For adults with more than four times a month

It is noted that Ajovy bans the carnivore in the adults who suffer at least four days of every month's flight.

It is the drug which acts as an antibody monoclonal which connects to the iron peptide associated with the calcitonin gene (CGRP) and which blocks the connection to the receptor. Teva said Ajovy was the first anti-CGRP drug, and the only one agreed in European Union and in the United States was designed to prevent opponents with seasonal and monthly choices.

The medicine was agreed for use in the United States last September. Teva expects that the sale of drugs in the United States in 2019 will reach 150 million dollars.

What is it used for?

According to the “Fascinating” site, this injection is given under the skin (sub-skin). There are two possible options for AJOVY (one deep injection once a month or three subcutaneous injections once every three months).

Through the three months of treatment, patients were treated with fewer migraine days compared to plate-treated patients.

Other influences

The site states that it can have negative effects as a result of negative effects such as a broom, hammer and feathers. The most common negative effect was AJOVY on the sites affected.

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