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Senator RN, Francisco Chahuán, had a HIV test on Tuesday to promote his use in the situation in which Chile became a major disease.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 16:30 p.m.


A group of conveners on National Renewal, led by Senator Francisco Chahuan, called on the Ministry of Health and the public to encourage the use of HIV AIDS detection tests, following the awful increase in the this disease in the Chinese population.

For Chahuán, this is a fundamental issue, including the increase of people suffering from disease and other accessible options today to detect this disease and thus prevent disruption as pandemic disease.

The representative from RN, relieved on this case; including the high number of transporters who are unaware that it is suffering from this geography.

"50% of our population with HIV do not know that it is translated. There is a talk about black figures that are everyday. We are looking at what a & It could be a real removable in our country, and that is why the call we want to be responsible, and moving from action to action . "

In the same way, Chahuán warned about the high number of people with HIV infection that do not get enough treatment at this time.

"We also have a very important percentage of the Slabs who have been diagnosed with untreated HIV, as well as encouraging the demand for our attention."

On the other hand, deputy Erika Olivera, responded to the request from Chahuán regarding proposing the necessary steps to reduce the number of diseases.

"We accept the call to the Ministry of Health to take and take this initiative. We know that the rise in HIV is very high in Chile today, and we believe that the youngest population should be aware of what it means to be HIV behaviors and not just HIV, but also other types of diseases that which are brought out to nature. "

Recalling that the UN Sida warned about the high rise in HIV issues in Chile, one of the largest elevations in the world.

As a result of this situation, the head of HIV and AIDS Division of the Minsal, Ana María San Martín, was abandoned, although the Government chose to refuse that the official connection was related to the figures given by the entity entangled.

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