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Money was awarded in honor of Stephen Hawking in the UK for "jokes".

The medal was launched at March 14 to commemorate the first anniversary of the death with the astrophysic and famous English coast.

The commemorative medal launched in the UK on 14 March, just the first anniversary of his death by the Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, always coincided with the controversy yesterday. T a popular pull out which was perceived to be suffering from a "collegiate" error.

Everything arose from a publication published in the PorticsWorld portal, which made sure the extraction of the silver circuit was very much owed.A black hole is the Hawking Error in the formula, especially in the 50 pence.

In the article he referred to mathematical maturity which apparently detected the error in formula calculations. But today, today the portal has deleted the article that allowed us to know that everything was about the day of the innocent.

Money from reverence for Stephen Hawking in the UK had a

Money in the controversy

In the article of the article, the likely French expert Avril Lapremiere He said the error was "normal" of the schoolboy because he was in the enumeration, which had gone undetected for 45 years. We recall that the theologian was eloquently mentioned about black holes in 1974, t based on an original Israeli scientist, Jacob D. Bekenstein.

The commentator mentioned in the article “I have challenged myself entropy to get black holes in less than five minutes from the first principles, but the answer I got is 2. The result is 2 & 39; not the name and not; of Hawking ".

However, everything appeared to the jokes of the innocent day, since the portal set them free today. T causing comfort to some users who argue that websites linked to science subjects such as PhyiscsWorld support this fun!

He is remembered that Hawking was among the most amazing in science and that he fought all his life against neurodegenerative disease, a situation that was not a barrier to the physicist being celebrated across the world. world for the famous science books he has launched in his life.

With a commendation in these money, the famous scientist was amongst a select list of recipients in the United Kingdom, where they are regarded as Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton.

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