Monserrat Álvarez and departing from Channel 13: "I was interested in changing"

Impact generated in it Channel 13 leaving the journalist Monserrat Álvarez, who decided to leave the station to focus his new television home, Chilevision.

In conversation with him MON, explained the reason for changing this air. "I spent a project of something that loved me in Jan. I was interested in changing and I was encouraged by the project they gave me, "he said.

He also had words to get out of Channel 13. "The channel gave me a lot: there are not many directors that allowed them to get involved in different areas and I'm very grateful ".

"I'm sorry, I have to be quiet with many people. I'm sorry to Phola, Marin, my mates, leave Miguel Acuña on the radio, "he said.

On his way to Chilevisión, it was clear. "I can not tell the information yet, dBut the only thing I do not do here, I would not go. Grace is doing something else. "

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