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When a person is successful and their money is counted with millions, it's hard to be aware.

Much of life information is open in public. And if a person does not know himself, many will try to find out by doing it. oversees his position want foundthe keys for your success.

Maybe it's a decision; but what if growing information as a common identifier among a number of people is successful?

Take a look at the richest man on the planet, who is now the American Distribution valuable wealth $ 140,200 million, according to Forbes.

He owns 16% of Amazon's Amazon major export, which he founded in a garage in Seattle in 1994 and became a leading market success.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page, The On the other hand, there are two other entrepreneurs who knew how to invent their tools to create the internet search engine for excellence: Google.

They are also among the people with most of the money on it; planet, in posts 12 and 13, respectively. He added a fortune both more than $ 96,000 million.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page
"Part of the training did not keep orders and rules inspired to think about what was happening in the world and to think about different things, "said Larry Page, from Google, on the education.

There are other creative and successful entrepreneurs Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia Founder; o Will Wright, a video game designer and create the famous SimCity.

In another very different category we findBeyoncé, The an artist who was familiar with the population by being a musical star and describing women. She is one of the tallest women in the industry after raising US $ 60 million on the Forbes 2018 list.

In closing this review of personalities, we also announce the Nobel Prize for Literature, Colombia Gabriel García Márquez.

Although not similar, they all agree on something. What is it?

In which, from very little, they researched under the same system: the Montessori way.

What's in a Montessori way?

A girl in a class at Montessori school.
Trying & trying to & # 39; Find one of the foundations of the Montessori method.

It is a learning process set up by the Italian and educated scientist Muirito Montessori (1870-1952), which emphasizes a collaborative environment where there are no signs or exams.

In addition, the classrooms are created by students of different ages that overcame almost 2 to a half to 7 (although there are up to 18 years programs), where the individual learning and discovery is for each student and it will happen for a long time.

"Our most important responsibility is to educate humanity, people from each country, to guide it to focus on general goals," said the Montessori International Association (AMI, to be designated in Italian) on its website.

"We need our main cause to worry the child, science efforts must emphasize it, because the source and the key are in human concepts ", he says.

"The thing that appears in Montessori's education is Individual development of people. It does not create a teacher-based system but has developed the needs of the individual. And not just academic but also corporate, social and emotional, "said Scott Akridge, proprietor of the Riverstone Academy of Montessori in Georgia, the United States.

Two children on the floor and play.
One of the keys at Montessori is collaborative learning.

Yes, the supporters emphasize it, a skills-based system.

"Not only do we teach creatively, we also teach entrepreneurial skills. active operational skills, which focuses on, organizes, planes, installs and activates actions; focusing on contingencies and self-observance, "Akridge's definition to BBC World.

"And this is why Montessori graduates are big leaders:because of all the activity activities have been achieved to be successful in pre-school and primary school, " add

At this time it is estimated that there are 25,000 Montessori schools around the world, although AMI recognizes that it is very difficult to count on it; The registration centers are not responsible.

First person

When he was only two years old, Jeff Bezos attended Montessori school in Albuquerque, the United States, for about a half and a half years.

"It's amazing," Jeff Bezos told the magazine Montessori life in 2000. "What good program was it".

Maria Montessori with children on the floor.
Maria Montessori (pictured) understood the importance of stimulating stimulus and hand-raising activities for children's development.

"I think it was a great knowledge of going to those classes, in that environment and that it was inspired from a very young age," said Bezos about his time at Montessori school .

Even in last September, Bezos created $ 2 billion charitable property to help homeless people and a new network of schools are encouraged no way education.

Google founders have also built the most important moments of their primary education to achieve their achievement.

"We went to Montessori school and I think that part of itl training without continuation of orders and regulations that encouraged us to think about what they did; happening in the world and thinking of different things"Larry Page said in an interview with the US network, ABC in 2004.

Even Gabriel García Márquez was one of Montessori's students, which emphasized his "Living to tell her" stories.

"I do not think there is a better way than the Montessori to have children's awareness in the beauty of the world and to awaken information about the life aspirations ", write.

"It's funny that the successful entrepreneurs who studied at Montessori talk about their first education when they have asked how they came to be what they are," said Akridge.

There was a child with hands on her color.
Some people criticize Montessori's way for his informality compared to traditional education.

"When we talk about accomplishment in Montessori, it's sometimes difficult, because our method is only a primary school, so there is a gap from people leaving school [hasta que comienzan a trabajar]. For that, It is extremely fascinating that these millions-based entrepreneurs describe", he tells BBC Mundo.


But every good idea is not to talk about the way Montessori.

Some critics believe that the atmosphere is in the classroom too free, A question on Montessori teaching priorities or usually as children Do not take homework home.

There are also those who criticize that these students have freedom to choose from what they are learning, because they are Believing that this causes some of them not to influence some important areas in the future.

María Montessori in 1949.
María Montessori announced three times for the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in the field of education.

As there are no formal exams, those who fear that the lack of structured discharge of the child is uneasy at the time of the transition between the Montessori school and a traditional school, according to an article by the University of Concordia in Oregon, the United States.

"The latest research on education reflects what we are doing in terms of success, for example: a mix of age at school, reducing homework, focusing on the child's emotional needs … ", says Akridge.

"Everything, we did it for 100 years ", he says.

The fact is that an investigation in 2017 is published in the magazine Borders in Psychology, researchers carried out an assessment of about 70 Montessori students at the start of a US pre-school and 70 from a traditional school.

They all started to study with similar scores.

In the following three years, 70 children in Montessori had better outcomes in mathematical examinations and literacy. At the end of pre-school, Montessori students had a much higher performance in these areas.

However, in problematic problem solving, activity activity and creativity there were no significant differences in the two groups.

Montessori School in Amsterdam.
"There is no basis for criticism, not just because we're different," said Scott Akridge, the proprietor of the Riverstone Academy of Montessori in Georgia, the United States.

However, another study of 2017 was published in the magazine Nature stress there is no evidence that the results are in students Montessori identifies more to succeed

The study, from the Department of Psychology and Human Development at the University of London University of the United Kingdom, examined the research carried out on the education system and stressed that "there are no elements of the Montessori style and # 39 could be explained Some of the positive effects they say they findsIt is "in the students.

It is clear that a degree of success is very difficult. And in terms of giving it to early education, such as a number of successful millions, it is also.

"The story behind the success of las people of business. If they are being educated at Montessori, their decision is also, "they ensured BBC Mundo from the Montessori International Society.

"Everybody's business people are inspired by technology and, in that sense, Their minds are, in fact, amazing, informative and guided by their desire to & # 39; get out", they finished.

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