Wednesday , August 21 2019
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Morgana and Kayle get important changes

Riot Games have big plans for 2019. We are already telling you that they are working on developing a new character for the League of Legends that go to the main street and they will have completely new skills.

However, despite working on new camps, You can not forget the people who are already on the Summoner Window. Many of them have become extremely awkward and their mechanics do not respond to their & # 39; game now.

We already saw that some Galio, Aatrox, Irelia and Akali have left well unemployed of their reworks. They are away from being completely forgotten in Metagame as one of the most striking campaigns.

This is how Riot wants to happen with Morgana and Kayle. For this reason, everything that identifies the following characters is & # 39; passing the transformation process.

Depending on the information that was transferred to Reddit, Morgana is going to make big changes in the W. His new work will be similar to Cassiopeia that limits the movements of the enemies.

In contrast, Kayle sees how her final changes are completely. The mechanics are very similar to those at Atrox, although they change when you go up to a level.

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