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Nasa appears to & # 39; First images of Ultima Thule: the most remote space that has never been checked

The NASA space test that travels 6,440 million kilometers (4,000 million miles) from Earth on Wednesday; Put your first images close to the longest spell that was explored, & # 39; shows a type of snow snow.

It was found that Ultima Thule, as the little frozen thing is christened, consists of two ties, one of which is three times larger than the other, which extends about 33 kilometers.

New Horizons, the confirmation of photos of Pluto began by half and a half, with the secret thing in the early hours of New Year. It is 1,600 million kilometers longer than Pluto.

Based on the first mischievous images that were built the previous day, the scientists said that Ultima Thule was like a bowling pen. However, when closer images came closer, a new agreement appeared.

"The bowel pin is away. It's a snowman!" Alan Stern, the leading scientist, told the Network of Active Sciences at the University of Johns Hopkins, where he is under the control of his mission in Laurel township. It is the image of the "2018 bolus" by 2018 ", Stern, who works at the Southwest Research Institute.

E & # 39; Last Thule & # 39; on her green body means "longer than the recognized world" _ before scientists can say that if it was a couple of things. When the pictures came, they now call "Ultima" the largest range and "Thule" the smallest.

Thule is estimated to be 14km (nine miles) in diameter, and is calculated. believe that there is a maximum of 19 kilometers (12 miles) of Ultima.

Jeff Moore scientist from Ames NASA's Research Center said the two ranges were created when small pieces of frozen combined with a billion bundle of years ago. Then the two fields quickly came to spin until they understood them calmly and then; connect "strongly".

Ultima Thule looks like red as a trick, possibly due to the impact of the radiation that is bombing on the surface of the glass. Scientists say there are no chariots in the new drawings.

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