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Netflix appears to & # 39; first search of

The animation has continued the new boats at young heroes. Tvn


Nowadays at a & # 39; Comic Con Experience (CCXP) from Brazil, Netflix The first images of his dreams of the anime appeared "St. Seiya: The Knights of the Zodiac".

The animation continues on today's exercise at the young heroes called "Knights", defended under the Greek dialect of Athena.

All Knights use powerful weapons based on their individual zodiac controversy, and are called the Zodiac Knights. They help Athena in her & # 39; Her battle is against the powerful Olympus gods that are crucial to destroying humanity.

Netflix also names the following picture that gives life to the characters' voices: Dario Bernal Seiya, Ricardo Mendoza mar Shiryu, Alfonso Herrera mar Hyoga, Patio Marcos Ikki, María Fernanda mar Morales Saori, Maru Guerra mar Marin and Isabel Martiñon Mar Shun

The project is led by Yoshiharu Ashino, written by Eugene Son (Avengers: Secret Wars) and designed by Terumi Ishii.

The series will be launched worldwide in 2019.

Look at the train below:


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