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New scam method: PDI warning of threats through Mercado Libre | With music and news

The Research Police Online (PDI) online toolkit made a series of recommendations designed to detect the search for fraud found in Mercado Libre.

The fraud was issued after a simple exercise carried out BioBioChilewho contacted a large print runner at a high price 'Hardly with freedom & freedom; through one of the most popular online purchase platforms in Latin America.

The offer of the day was offered in the Dell Alienware notebook at the very latest $ 792,000 pesosvery attractive, because this product can trade up to 1.5 million pesos.

It's normal to look out for platforms like Mercado Libre, or Facebook Marketplace with cheaper prices than in traditional trade, t becomes a barrel You must call us.

Screen screening

"How many things do you want?"

In the magazine, recorded as a village made by Concepción in the Bío Bío section of the group, it was the usual feature of my fraud efforts on this platform t it was an evil sale: they gave a phone number just to avoid the normal process.

Once they have notified the convicted person through a WhatsApp number Arab EmiratesBut this was very friendly but at the same time, he wanted to make the sale as quickly as possible, and we just had to Mercado Mercado to Mercado Mercado. Libre offers safe purchase.

After that the excuse salesman gave a good economic price about his dad, making sure that that was within 3 days I would be at the door of the house and that the value included taxes other than Customs and Excise.

"We do not accept the pay market and do not buy products through Mercado Libre", that is the answer he gave when trying to close the business and to consult them on this matter.

As a reward, he submitted the data to invest through the MoneyGram or Trans Money Transfer. It is clear that the topic is considering formalizing the business.

Recommendations of the PDI

By linking our methods and knowledge of the situation, from the point of view Brigade of Economic Crimes (Bridec) of the PDI say that, however, they had no record in this particular case, but there were a number of complaints about another breach of this nature through internet sales platforms.

In that line, and before the question is he is an international band with members in Chile, they believed that was now. they don't have enough background space to confirm this.

Meanwhile, the janitor, Danic MaldonadoA League of Metropolitan Cybercrime Brigade offers a series of recommendations to users to avoid being victims of fraud.

The detective warned that it's the main thing to make sure he is looking for goods in recognized online sales sites, to get to know who can turn them into business, as well as getting to know that the goods may be cheap.

On the other hand, the commissioner said it was necessary to look how the seller carriesusually, in fraud cases, it is usually awakened and is removed until they can get the money as soon as possible. For this, it uses weight measures "This is the last unit in stock" or "I also have a number of clients who want to buy the product for me".

Another suggestion is not to provide, for any reason, the keys and / or credit card numbers.

In parallel, the police officer said to use official channels to make money, which is in the case of Mercado Libre. "Mercado pago", which allows the person to make a secure purchase and that, accordingly, the company relies on it.

The company's response

From the company they were sure they were always working on improvements to give the best security for millions of customers, so information has been issued, deleted their website publication immediately and blocked the user.

They also asked their clients to use the Mercado pago stage where "money money" was always used t 100% will be protected by the Buy Protection Program. t to avoid all sorts of problems. "

Finally, they identified that they are well prepared to cooperate "actively with the appropriate authorities" if an audit is being carried out.

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