Nine legends and genuine facts that you should know

The brain is still very unidentified.

The brain is still unidentified, even for his own researchers. The major advances in the brainbrands have been to speak more than ever before, but there are so many facts about causing legends or cheats, fruit in many cases of scientific definitions, which are of conscious intent, and adversely affect their knowledge.

So he says in an interview Francisco Mora, Medicine doctor from the University of Granada and a Doctor of Psychology Studies from Oxford University, when her book & Myths and truths of the brain & # 39; (Paidós), whose aim is to complete this foolishness about the knowledge of the brain.

"We never need to know how close our brain is like today, we can give a general idea of ​​what, and the one who the current research programs, but trying to understand how it works like trying to get up from the floor trying to cast of gates on shoes ", The specialist weapon, which lists a series of legends and facts that should be aware of:

1.- In particular, to gain a better understanding of what is said, Explain tells of the brain that is in: "It is an organ with a distinctive special process: 4 million years ago, when we were making chimpanzees, it increased 450 grams from that, for the genetics in In short, he got a kilogram of weight, because Evolution had, we have mental capacity and the ability to pull emotions and feelings, and that is our sexuality as humans. "

2. Why is it so important to work with her body? As it stands out, the brain is organs of our body such as the aegis, or the hook, for example, but it is "organizer". "It is an organ that needs to be regularly fed by the chemicals that each organ of the organisms spread from the rest of the body, import and change their work to achieve the organ unit ", shown

3.- Are all bra all the same? Is it true that the person and female who are adults are diverse in size? "Each dog is different, each is different from the other, as everyone on Earth, and does not have a normal brain or pattern, there is no such thing, no brain is equal to it the other. between a man and a woman but they are born from the hormone system that is turned ", explain to Infosalus.

3.- Can he change life long? Yes, the name has been able to move or to # 39; concept of neuroplasticity of the brain. "The brain is not the same, it changes from one minute to another and it changes regularly because we always learn and remember, physically changing and chemistry of the brain.

4.- The brain only affects 2% of the total group but needs to use 20% oxygen we will be breathing so that the energy is required to work it.

5.- Can whales be created to end this day? Yes, we can be born by a series of neurons, between 80,000-100,000. But it is true that new neurons can be created in the hippocampus during their life. All things related to the type of memory are things that are very close and similar. There are about 25-30,000 glass beams every day, although everything depends on lifestyle, eating, social relationships, the exercise that is done and, accordingly, build more or less. But they also die, basically because of lifestyles, "said Mora.

6.- We only use 10% of our brain capacity? No, he's an army "Completely Misleading" and that the person uses 100% of the brain. "The integrity of the anatomical brain 24 hours a day is needed to use the modified actions assigned to it to survive the individual", He also added the professor of Human Phiology in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Complutense of Madrid.

7.- Is it true that the experiences and learning that were made in the first 3 years of his / her life; proof of our future? No, it's another legend. He says that these three years are important but it has been seen that he is still unable to take into account concepts.

8-. What about the right brain and the left brain? Morag identifies the right, which is a control the left-wing part, from the left of the brain that is; Manages the right part of the body. "There is a legend which states that the correct section of the whole, feminine brain, of art, feelings, and part that is a part; sustain creativity. At the same time, it is said that the left part of the action, with which we are writing, is & # 39; reading or doing maths. But this is not true. One side of the brain is unintentional. The corpus gallosum, a million pounds that goes from one side to another, has always been telling about what's going on. happening, so the whole brain is a unit ", recited

9.- Basically, the clear or narrative memories are stored in the hippocampus, the memory is aware. However, as it indicates, the memory also changes. "We may change our memories of something that has happened, and there are different types of memories, for example, which allows us to store a mobile number. There are different types", recited

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