Nordic THQ shows new rushes for Darksiders III

THQ Nordach is still very active with the inspiring content of Darksiders III, not only that its saga is more profitable and praised by critics. After that we saw the game play and playback of their game, show us a floor called "Horse With No Name" ((unnamed horse).

There is no video game in the video, it's a cinematics; which aims to Fury and his relationship with his horse, Rampage. After that, Fury is one of the four riders of the apocalypse and no rider is left without the horse. The description of the video is & # 39; making a small man with the history of the previous installments "War Running, Hopefully Deaths, Rampage continues to Fury". Each horse's name is named by the rider in Darksiders and the so-called their texts.

It is Hack and Slash in Darksiders III, a sex that is a Focus on fighting with several enemies on the screen, there is a literal translation of the "cutting and tired" species. His vote was marked by a & # 39; introduces many elements of RPG, including raising standards, creating objects and research.

In terms of history and situation, Darksiders have been praised for their well-being, artistic guidance and focus on Judeo-Christian religious features. In this investment we will control Fury, a rider with a number of powers and who leaned the story left open in Darksiders 2.

The development is dependent on Gunfire Games, a young studio, made in most of THQ's staff before it was broken. This studio also made the available remake Darksiders II PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the only platforms available for Darksiders III by Fury and Rampage as musicians on November 27.

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