'Notify'; Marcelo Diaz to the U & # 39; in a duel that won Racing Champion in Argentina | Football

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This Sunday was not more for its purpose Marcelo Díaz A man who was searching for the mid-racing Racing de Avellaneda in 2018 could possibly be a champion t Trans-Andean Super League.

This is after 1 to 1 of the team went on tour to Tigre. As a result, the Academy & # 39 arrived; 56 minutes and took advantage of 4 of the highest positions, Defense and Justice, with just one date for play.

Oh, who is getting past an injury, was inside the bench today in 87 's summary; a type of poem to Eduardo Coudet coach, as one of the main values ​​of the season.

In the previous duel, there was a wink & # 39; Diaaz's work by Universidad de Chile, the center of which he taught as an athlete.

To go no further, Chelo & # 39 were; You can also share stories with their Social Networks, where it demonstrated that it would make a controversy about the hugely important relationship with some talent who were keen to engage with them.

The student's image stands in the role of the football player. Fans added blue & blue; respect for their move.

Marcelo Díaz Instagram
Marcelo Díaz Instagram

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