Novartis Oncology is coming together to go to World Day Celebration Against Cancer (Social Action Clients and Products) :: CSR Commitment

05/02/2019 08:23:23 Novartis Oncology has been celebrating World War remembrance in the face of cancer, which was held yesterday, a & # 39; reinforce its commitment to cancer patients and their dedication to onco-hematòlach research. In Spain, the bread is the second cause of death and, according to data from the Medical Oncology History Society, in 2019, 277,234 of new cancer cases will be found in Spain, 12% more than in 20151. There are It is also expected that the number of new cases will increase in the next two decades, and reaching 29.5 million in 2040 in the world1.

However, thanks to advances in research and the development of innovative remedies, continues to grow and overall decline has fallen by 18% since 19901.2. "Although the number of statements continues to grow, we are fortunate looking at a new era in the way of developing cancer by increasing, improving progress and improving patient life quality ", ideas José Marcilla, general director of Novartis Oncology, Spain, which states that "the ongoing advances in research to welcome innovative approaches that can change the treatment of many onco-hematological diseases".

And there is a company that has a package of 23 drugs that have been agreed in areas of hard towers, ecology and rare diseases, are passionate about doing something. Opening new research lines for non-emerging medical needs through the development of renewable scientific strategies such as immunotherapy and cell treatment.

With over 50 world-class molecular development units for a number of 30 distinctive marks, Novartis Oncology's commitment has been innovated on its location. Company as a director in clinical research at an early stage in Spain. It is currently one of the world-wide countries that have more clinical research; attracted in a number of active clinical trials at the early stages, to be practically at the United States level, as well as making a major contribution from a European patient. In 2017, 178 clinical trials were promoted in Spain, with a total of 108 cooperative centers and more than 1,000 patients.

Leaders in developing original strategies in the approach to cancer

Thanks to the strong reinforcement of avant-garde knowledge strategies, such as target remedies and immunotherapy, the company has strengthened its leadership in the new era of its best to treat, Recover cure diseases such as leukemia, chronic cancer, myelofibrosis, and no melanoma.

Indeed, one of the most important advances in immuno-oncology was made to treat Novartis CAR-T. The aim of the immuno-oncology is to allow the self-defense system to work on cancer cells. "The antitumor activity shown by this new theoretical line makes it one of the key areas of exploitation. A sense of how well these strategies are, in In Novartis, we have set our program of immunotherapy against cancer complaints on terms with CAR-T cells. ", Eva López, Spanish medical director of Novartis Oncology, says. In CAR technology, patent T lymphycy will be genetically re-enrolled outside their body so that they are able to recognize and fight cancer cells when re-used to the patient.

This is the first generation genealogy agreed in Europe and included in the National Health System in Spain for its purpose. Treating patients with tissue with lymphoblastic acute leukemia and adults up to 25 years of age with Lympoma B cells of rescues. "It's a transformational milestone because it allows us to provide a medicine option for single patients for patients with no other medicine options," said Lopez .

It also emphasizes the important work that has been done for the other types of leukhemia. In this area, the company has a deeper knowledge of the genetic changes that are involved in a & # 39; The development of acute meeloid leukemia (AML) by identifying new signal paths, and & quot; Note that the first and only cure is targeted for this psychosis and one treatment. for three system tree types. It has also contributed to the continuous transformation of myeloid leukemia (CML) transformation, which welcomes the & # 39; Register this animated cancer and produce free treatments that are free of charge for a long time in a patient.

In addition, Novartis Oncology is a beginner in HR + chronic cancer research, the most common form of this disease, and is a leader in the development and implementation of the science strategy based on CDK4 / 6 impediment in clinical practice. This line shows important benefits in patients with prostate breast cancer, and # 39; help you to improve the progress of your illness.

On the other hand, the ability of the first combination of BRAF / MEK to & # 39; dabrafenib + trametinib prevention, which, after being introduced into the medicinal weapon for treating metastatic melanoma for two years ago, has been promoted in other symptoms such as small lung cancer. metastatic and adhesive medicine in adult patients with level III melanoma with BRAF V600E mutation.

Novartis Oncology Commitments for healthcare professionals and patients

The company's commitment is to innovate in toco-hematology and to; improving the quality of life of cancer patients on working style on collaborative modules with centers, patients' associations, scientific societies and other organizations.

Currently its company has a & # 39; cooperate with patient societies in a variety of projects and initiatives aimed at meeting the needs of patients and providing tools and materials related to the regulation of a variety of oncological diseases.

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