Other social networks had "crafty" chefs Yann Yvin and Ennio Carota

The special chapter was this Saturday, CHV's Divine Food, as the guests were the famous chefs Ennio Carota, Dani Castro, Yann Yvin and Carola Castro.

The four were sorry to amaze their guests and to determine who was the best hospitality, and although they were very happy to be able to; Seeing this meeting, French did Yan Denis and Italian Ennio Carota criticize.

The duo questioned the ability of Carola Castro and were more satisfied with the winner of their winners; First Season at Master Chef's & # 39; provided, they analyzed all the details of their presentation, even on the new food labels purchased.

But the most criticized was that France's chef did not want some of the eating provisions because they did not like them or thought he was not traditional, for example, to & # 39; get coffee with beans.

Finally, some think that justice was done, as Yan Ivin was missing on this chapter.

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