PAHO wants to prioritize the vaccine and monitor polio

A Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) announced Thursday in Guatemala to prioritize vaccine programs and monitor polio, a disease that was discharged to Europe in 1994.

There is a group called "all countries [de la región] To protect all diseases from a vaccine, and in this particular police force as a priority, "Cuauhtémoc Mexican Ruiz-Matus, head of PAHO Family Immunization Unit, said," said AFP.

Public health experts from 22 countries of the continent in the Guatemalan capital met for three days to continue to keep measures free from police and move towards global decline.

Ruiz-Matus said that polio should be taken to continue to "be a political priority at all stages" to stop the issues introduced.

He urged countries to get funding to promise that there are vaccines, human resources, laboratories and information systems.

"The vaccine program in America has always been a major program, so it must be a political priority," said PAHO officer.

"So far we have been free of polio for 27 years and we hope to keep ourselves as the first free part" of the disease, Ruiz-Matus added, explaining that countries the mainland "in a tune" about the actions against this disease.

The last case of poliocytitis in America was recorded in 1991, according to the PAHO.

Poliovirus, which is a greater growth in children, is caused by poliovirus, which is a rare infection of poliovirus. affecting the strange system that opens the cells that are dependent on infection control. It can be prevented by a vaccine.

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