Paing Migratory: Piñera thanks to Frei for the release of conviction in the # 39; National party

After the support of the old president Eduardo Frei to the Government's decision to remove from US Migration Agreement, who encouraged to disagree sections of the opposition, the president Sebastián Piñera He thanked the exmandatario.

Piñera said that he was valued by Frei, who "It really recognizes President's duties, and here we have to make a mistake. The Marrakesh Agreement encourages illegal immigrants and their & # 39; reducing the country's sovereignty. "

From the Frei party, the Christian Democrats, the head of the caucus, critic Matias Walker, deputy leader Raúl Soto, and Senator Francisco Huenchumilla's position of the convener.

As announced by La Tercera, Walker made sure his Frei idea is "Frei" Differences to the fundamental situation of a party are set out in the draft draft in the House. In addition, he stated that "our former chancellors' certification should ask the Government to rethink its decision and, in a short time, engage in a global agreement for migration, ordered and consistent. "

Deputy Prime Minister Raúl Soto, for his part, said that someone expects to expect much more than a person like Frei and not to be removed by the effects of people who are right-handed. "

He also divide the functions of the DC and Frei arguing that his & her; party "today and the government", as the former leader is currently an ambassador in a special mission for Asia-Pacific.

"I think you should choose, we can not continue to accept such a mystery. It will significantly damage its & # 39; game "Soto added.

At the same time, Grandfather Huenchumilla was so bad, making sure I expected a little more ears from being a president of her. Republic. "

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