People with asthma should reinforce their care in the winter

Young people with asthma history that have been confirmed when they were young and who have been extinct in adolescents should take care of in a summer season due to low temperatures, which are & # 39; Praise today specialist in Mexico.

José Luis Miguel Reyes, who is associated with the Asthma Clinic at the National Institute of Replicated Diseases (INER), said by saying, that this health problem is mostly recorded during the cold season, when there are more most viral diseases.

However, "it is also dependent on people accepting, the symptoms can occur in seasonal changes, when pollination of plants is recorded and there is an increase in environmental humidity," said e.

In order to avoid problems, he recommended not to perform external activities during an environmental season, and vaccine every year against swine, use, & # 39; avoid smoking and not go to places where there is a lot of dust or use of rugs, as they do it; gather lots of mites.

Some of the symptoms of this disease are scarce; breathe, screw, to & # 39; grind, whistles in & # 39; chest, and feeling they are; Feeling a coffin and usually a dry cough.

These problems will be more intense at night or early in the morning and are usually caused by a better factor, such as cold, allergens, poles, pets, axes or stress.

On the other hand, the specialist explained that a large part of childhood issues with this psychology can be seen; Going to the time to continue when young people.

However, this does not mean he has cure "but the disease can be suspended while the symptoms are restarted, such as pets, tobacco or tobacco tobacco, the among others, "he explained.

The specialist explained that asthma is a biological experience that often causes; affecting four-year-old infants.

Some people are born with the ability to develop this situation and others may be present at some point in life.

The dangers for childhood asthma include genetic separation, and # 39; Smoking while they're heavy, changes in & # 39; Mythobytes are severe in the transition period, low birth weight and worm deficiency when they fall.

Other causes of this situation emerge late in late diagnosis, respiratory sincytial virus (RSV) infections, and the effects of pollution from the disease. stay less than 100 meters from the primary entrance.

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